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processes started through ssh won't stay running

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I've found this problem and I'm not sure if there is something wrong with my configuration of if this is a bug in Neon of some sort.
I routinely ssh into my office desktop and start processes there, detaching them from the terminal using either setsid, nohup, or pause+bg+disown. Now this won't work and regardless of what I do the process dies after I close the shell.
I've tried starting the process with the aforementioned methods, and I tried with tmux and screen as well. I've verified monitoring the process tree with ps tree and confirmed the process does get detached from the terminal, but it dies when I close the window regardless.
Is there anything else that could be wrong?

As a workaround, I figured I can just log in through ssh, and then X-forward myself another terminal, then I can start my jobs in there and they won't die after I log out.

Edit 2:
That actually doesn't work. Processes will survive the closing of the terminal they were started with, but will die after the terminal that summoned the remote terminal window is closed.

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