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Plasma issue: high CPU load when using a docking station

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Hi there,

I'm having some performance issues (high CPU usage) with Plasma when using my laptop on my docking station. Let me elaborate:

If my laptop is undocked everything runs smoothly, but if it is docked, my CPU usage goes to about 100% almost permanently. It looks like if I were mining BTC or something :| This renders my machine unusable! ...and all I do most of the time is Web browsing while streaming live news channels on YouTube (480p, 64Kbps), if I kill plasmashell, everything returns to normal immediately... if I relaunch it, the problem arises again :( ...I monitor resource usage with htop and KSysGuard

What could be the problem here? Any clues? ??? ??? ??? This is driving me crazy! As a workaround I'm just using my desktop without Plasma, you can imagine my frustration! :(

BTW, I gave Plasma (Wayland) a try and things seemed to run much better regarding CPU usage, but unfortunately I ran into heavy display/video stability issues, so I had to discard this option (for now)...

Info on my setup: KDE neon 5.19 User Edition on DELL Latitude e7440 (Core i7 2,1GHz, 16GB, SSD) on a docking station (DELL PR02X) driving dual monitors @ 2560×1440 (native) on DP-ports.

I look forward to your feedback!!!

Thanks in advance and best regards!

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