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Missing firmware on 5.4.0 - no network: Advice please SOLVED

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Been running Neon on 5.3 - and it's very smooth.
However, upgrading to 5.4 gives me no internet because of this bug:
It is also mentioned in Ubuntu sites - but it's the same issue.
Any help in getting 5.4 working would be appreciated.
I'm reasonably happy to wait for the next release and keep on using 5.3 - but my worry is that the next release won't fix it either.
Using 5.3.0, went to Synaptic and found r8168-dkms described as dkms source for the r8168 network driver and installed it.
However, watch the installation progress - it advises on what to do it the next boot fails, how to roll back etc. - so don't let the installation panel close when it finishes (there's a tick box to choose before you start). There's probably another way to get to the message log - but I don't know enough to advise how to do that.
Took a while to install - but booted straight into 5.4.0 - no patching, no rebooting, no issues.
Other thoughts - dmesg gives a couple of warning such as "r8168: loading out-of-tree module taints kernel." and then some stuff about patents and copyright; then it says it's free software.
Lawyers - doncha love em.
Think I'd feel safer if this driver came with the 5.4.0 version.

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