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Windows won't show top menu, can't alt tab *solved*

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I recently updated to the newest version of KDE neon, I'm not positive if this is a KWin issue or an issue with Plasma, but my desktop loads fine and I can use the widgets and icons on the desktop perfectly. The issue is that If I have any window open, the File Options Settings etc on the top left and the Minimize Maximise and Close on the top right don't appear. I only see an empty bar where they should be. I can't alt+tab to other windows, so once I've left a window, I have to reopen it or have an Icon on the launch bar in order to return to it. Everything was fine until tonight after I installed some new updates. I'm running on an old Macbook Pro, not sure what year it's from. Does anyone have any idea how to fix? Should I simply reinstall the updates?

EDIT: I ran KWin in the terminal, which caused it to work just fine other than the terminal window I ran it in being stuck on the screen with no KWin. I restarted afterwards, and KWin was running after log in without any issues. So try manually starting KWin if you have a similar issue

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