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Intermittent Flickering screen, audio cuts out after 10 secs

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**EDIT** Maybe this is the wrong forum to ask this question. Can anyone suggest a better place to post the question??

I have an ASUS Zenbook S UX391 UA, and a couple of days ago I installed latest Neon.
Unfortunately, the screen "flickers" at irregular intervals. A sort of ghosted image of the screen flickers over the lower third of the screen for a few seconds then goes away. Sometimes its OK for a few minutes, but the flickering always comes back. There is nothing obvious that triggers the flicker.

Also the audio cuts out after 10 seconds - whether playing a video on youtube/vimeo, or any mp3. Once one app crashes the audio, its dead for all apps, BUT after 10 minutes or so you can play another 10 secs.

I can't find any indications in log files, there are no issues with overheating.

The laptop came with Windows 10 installed, and these issues are not present when I boot into Windows.

Any clues about where to find the root cause? Kernel related? Its not Wayland, because the same issues are there with or without Wayland.

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