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Guiding with Scientific Image

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Guiding with Scientific Image

Wed May 22, 2019 12:04 am

First post on this forums! A friend of mine showed me how much INDI and KSTARS have evolved in recent months, I'm almost convinced to migrate our observatory and start using KSTARS.

One thing that is keeping us from going this route is the posibility to guide using scientific images with Moravian SIPS (Scientific Image Processing System) and ASCOM platform.

Our observatory uses a 10 Micron GM 3000HPS mount. This mount has encoders and is quite precise, allowing for an unguided 180 second image exposure with an error way below my seeing.

With SIPS there's a "Guiding after each image exposure (no guiding camera involved)" feature. It allows you to guide by triangulating and matching one image with the next during an image session, hence eliminating the need for guiding. With a big tube with flexures such as our 406mm Meade, using SIPS I can potentialy make 300 images of 120 seconds each without guiding, but still maintain adequate centering of the target star. This is specially beneficial in our exoplanet photometry work.

Is any method similar to this one going to be implemented in KStars?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts on this.

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