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LX200 Classic Sat Tracking with INDI on Pi 3B

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On Raspberry Pi 3 B v1.2
Installed Astroberry Server (including KStars) from INDI link to Git hub image (flashed SHA256: good), and then updated software.

KStars connects to and steers Meade Classic LX200 scope using INDI driver to selected objects and engages tracking. Great! ;D

Now, when I try this on an artificial satellite, KStars slews the scope to the satellite, but then just tracks to the initial coordinate instead of tracking the satellite. I can re-command the slew to update the scope, but I'm always behind the satellite and trying to catch up. Depending on my FOV it's hard to observe the moving vehicle.

When tracking satellite (and asteroid?) objects, is it possible for KStars to constantly update the object's coordinate and command the scope to slew to the new coordinate until it meets the local horizon? This may also require evaluating the pointing error (or change from last commanded coordinate) and adjust the slewing speed appropriately. Additional controls to account for processing latency may be necessary as well. Another approach to consider is an incremental leaping, where the scope is re-pointed to positions ahead of the object in selectable time intervals until it meets the local horizon.

Is there some user-modifiable part of KStars that could be changed to add this capability?

This would be useful for both amature optical and radio users.


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