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Instructions to install a KDE4 application on Windows

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I know this sounds like a crosspost, but I was advised from stackexchange to post here so here I am.
I am an Electrical Engineering student and I regularly use Latex to create PDF Documents. I use Windows and I only know Linux from a very superficial standpoint.

Recently, I heard about a KDE4 program called Cirkuit which is a GUI-program with which one can create circuit diagrams, then convert them into Latex-TikZ code. Here is its website.
My problem is that I want to use this program in my Windows PC. I don't want to use a VM because it makes no sense to set up a new computer just for the sake of using one specific program. I also get confused when using VMs. I already managed to install Cygwin but I don't know the further steps on how to proceed. Is there a way to get a KDE4 program like Cirkuit up and running on Windows systems so that I can go back to writing Latex documents?

I would be very grateful of your help.
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A good place to start would be the KDE on Windows pages.

Alternatively, you could look into using WSL to install Linux inside Windows (similar to cygwin, but a full linux distro) and then use that to install the app.

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