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Change proxy from terminal..or where is proxy settings file?

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Hi everyone,

Am moving my laptop to school and home everyday (5 days per week :P ) and on my desktop I made 4 simple scripts.

Proxy changes /etc/apt/apt.conf with another file that has the same text, but commented so it's basically empty.
Proxy does the same reversely - changes same file with another one but having some settings in it.

Other two files is for my school proxy. If I connect my laptop to school's wifi, I need to use proxy, if I connect cable, I can use another ip adress of proxy, then I can watch porn etc. But this is different story....

What I would like to do is somehow from terminal or using command lines change proxy settings in KDE system settings. /etc/apt/apt.conf works only for terminal. How to change there? So I can create script for fast changing :)

OR does anyone know where is txt file or something like that so I can locate it and modify..?

If it's not clear enough:

I can change system wide proxy this way: System settings --> Network settings --> Proxy -> Use manual specified proxy

How to change those numbers or choice from terminal or find a file somewhere that contains those settings? :P
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look @ ~/.kde[4]/share/config/kioslaverc

ps: some apps (like Kopete, Kid3, Ktorrent) allow a proxy specific to that app

OpenSuse Leap 42.1 x64, Plasma 5.x

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