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Power Management: Turn Off Screen not working.

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This is my first post so please bare with me.

I have a Microsoft Surface 3 Pro and needless to say I've had many problems getting everything to work (especially the WiFi which was a nightmare). Even though I've used a few distributions in the past, I was and still is a Kubuntu user but after trying *many* distros and *many* kernels I finally found my salvation: Manjaro (with KDE of course).

The only thing that isn't working is the action to "Turn off screen" on power button press in the power management options. Doing that basically turns off the screen but it comes back on right away. One thing that is very important to note is that this is not distro specific - I've had the same issue on Ubuntu, Fedora, and Mint. However, the screen blanking after periods of inactivity works fine. Doing xset dpms force off in a terminal also works fine.

My questions:

1) If blanking the screen works fine everywhere else in KDE power management, what does "Turn off screen" do differently on button press than on idle events?
2) Is there a way to edit a file to force a specific command to be executed on power button press or bind a specific command to the "Turn off screen" action?
3) If all else fails, any other insight or suggestion? I'm quite puzzled I don't find this issue happening to other people on surface on linux forums etc.

I'm open to any suggestion and insight but my aim here is to keep using built-in (system or KDE) power management and not resort to an additional software just for the sake of turning off the screen on demand.

All the best!

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