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Shortcuts reset after restart

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Shortcuts reset after restart

Fri Nov 23, 2018 8:03 pm

I'm having trouble with KDE shortcuts. I should preface this by saying that I have changed my keyboard layout with xmodmap. My bottom row is (from left to right):
Hyper Alt Ctrl Space AltGr Super Fn Ctrl

I'm having two problems with shortcuts. One happens when I try to bind Hyper to anything. It does not show up as Hyper, instead it outputs as " ៀ?". I can't bind Hyper+anything to a shortcut because of this. It just registers Hyper as that jumble of symbols. I can bind Ctrl+Hyper but Hyper still shows up as a mess. This is annoying but not the end of the world. This doesn't seem to be a problem with other programs. Emacs for example recognises Hyper properly.

The second and more critical bug is the fact that I can't save shortcuts. They are saved for this session only and disappear after a reboot. I then have to set the shortcut again. I have checked ~/.config/kglobalshortcutsrc and the change seems to be registered before the reboot but it too resets after a reboot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm running:
Operating System: Manjaro Linux
KDE Plasma Version: 5.14.3
Qt Version: 5.11.2
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.52.0
Kernel Version: 4.14.81-1-MANJARO
OS Type: 64-bit

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