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Enhance Your Problem-solving Skills with These Awesome Puzzl

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A non-gamer looking at a serious gamer will definitely say that gaming is a sheer waste of time. But online games puzzle games, if played in moderation, have several benefits. They help to improve hand-eye coordination and also improve concentration. If you are playing online puzzle games, then you are taking the right steps to improve your problem-solving skills. You can easily find a wide variety of puzzle games on many free online game sites. We looked at all the games available and selected those which you do not need to download on your system, and which you can play for free. Here are a few of the best fun free online games you can play on the browser of iphone and ipad.

Mr. Tulip Head's Puzzle Garden

When you cross each level, you are presented with a different plot of land.

If you look at gardening as a great pastime, you will love this game. But this game goes beyond laying attractive tulips in precise rows. The game tests your puzzle-solving skills as well, as you lay out pathways between the flower beds. Mr.Tulip will himself get you started on your game by taking you through the paces with progressively more difficult tasks. As you cross each level, you are presented with a different plot of land. Some of the elements of each plot would already be in place as you start each level. Mr.Tulip will tell you about the tasks of each level. You need to study these tasks carefully so that you can complete them in the correct order.

Pizza Truck Jigsaw

This Jigsaw is one of the must-try free online games that can be played directly on your browser. You don’t need to download any program. You also do not need to fear to misplace any of the puzzle pieces. You have a choice of three difficulty levels in this free jigsaw puzzle. You can choose between Easy (which has only 25 pieces), Medium (49 pieces) and Hard (100 pieces). There are progressive levels in this game. As you complete each level, you unlock the next higher level. You start off the game with all levels unlocked and only the first level open to play.

10 x 10

You will find the 10 x 10 game very easy to master.

If you have played the popular game Tetris before, you will find the 10 x 10 game very easy to master. It is designed as a square grid of 10 x 10 units. Instead of falling successively from the top like in Tetris, the bricks appear at the bottom of the grid in sets of 3. That is why there is no fear of the speed of falling bricks increasing. The pieces are in rectangular, square, L shapes, and Z shapes. As soon as a single horizontal line is completed, the bricks in that line disappear. There are some variants of this game available, like Arabic and Christmas.

Snail Bob 8

Regular gamers would recognize the Snail Bob character from earlier versions. This version starts with the snail getting separated from family and floating across the oceans to reach a jungle. The biggest defence mechanism of Bob is his shell into which he can return when there is danger around. You need to guide him through the jungle with shrewd plans. Your hand-eye coordination also needs to be good so that you can move him quickly to avoid danger. The game has useful pointers which will guide you regarding the next steps. Let’s boost your planning skill and play the best online strategy games for free on your PC.


All you need to do is to guess its location on the map. 

This is less of a puzzle game and more of a quiz. The specific area where it tests your knowledge is geography. The concept of the gameplay is really simple. You are shown a blank map of the world. And then you are given the name of a particular city. All you need to do is to guess its location on the map. After you click on the place you think is right, the game will show you the right answer. There are six cities in every round. You get points for not only how accurate you are but also how fast you can answer.


Now it is possible for you to play it online for free. The set of cards is in four different colors. There are some special cards too. They are ‘Draw 2’, ‘Draw 4’, ‘Skip’, ‘Reverse’ etc. The objective of the game is to finish off all cards that have been dealt. Every person gets a turn and has to offload one card. That card has to be either of the same colors as the previous card played, or it can be of the same number. The person who has one card left needs to shout ‘Uno’ to alert others.


Once the words are formed you need to submit them.

This puzzle has a look and feels very similar to Scrabble, the popular board game. But here the words have to be linked by clicking on them in order. Once the words are formed you need to submit them. If you are unable to make much headway with the letters you have, you could also choose to ask for a new set of letters. That comes at a cost, though. If you are playing this puzzle for the first time, you have a helpful ‘Learn to Play’ section as well. During the game, you progress through levels. At the start of the second level, you get the facility of bonus words. When you create those bonus words, you can get a nice bonus score.

Match Arena

This tests not only your eye for detail but is mainly a test of your memory. You need to either sign up as a new player or log in through your Facebook account. You have to match 3 images in a row for them to disappear. The fun about playing it online is that it is a multiplayer design, so you can match your wits against players from all around the world. Otherwise, you can call up your game fellows and enjoy this one of the best online games to play with your friends.


Puzzle games help you pass your time in a fun way. They also enhance your motor skills, problem-solving skills, and hand-eye coordination. This list we have prepared gives you a good flavor of the different types of puzzle genres.

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