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Problems (bugs?) with my new Kde 4.2 Beta installation

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Hello everybody!

I Installed Ubuntu Jaunty + KDE 4.2 Beta 2 (from standard repositories) on my Laptop, and I have some annoying usability problems.

I have selected "Windows can cover" in the menu-bar settings. And it works fine, but it will not go away before I click somewhere.
I want it to go below all other windows as son as I take the pointer away, like the OS X dock.

If I drag the cursor to the corner with the "K-menu"-button and clicks, the menu opens.
But i does also focus the panel!
So for closing the menu again you have to move the cursor more into the center of the button, or just click somewhere else. Maybe not the most important problem, but still a little annoying. ;-)

Next thing is a bug in the "Screen edges" function.
I can enable functions on all of the egdes, but I cant disable them! If I click a green box and select "No effect" and then click "Apply", the box went green again, and the effect is still enabled.

There is also a little problem with Konsole... I have unchecked "Show menu bar in new windows", but it's still visible when I open a new window.
And if I right click in the window, "Show menu bar" is unchecked. So for taking it away I first have to select "Show it", and then uncheck it again.

There was something more to, but lets start with this. :shade:

Is it just for me, or do any of you also experience anything of this?
And if so, is there any way to fix it? :)

Thanks, Emil.s

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