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KRunner plugin does not work when other plugins are active

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Hi, everyone.

I'm trying to write a runner to search for text files using baloo - just because I want to be able to find my python files and open it with emacs, like I used to do in plasma4.

So, I took a copy of the source code for the original baloo runner and changed it in order to search for text files. It is working, but - and that is my problem - it only works when I disable all the other plugins, if some plugin is still enabled my plugin does not work. After disabling the plugins, my plugin works and I can enable them all again and my plugin still works. But when I restart KRunner my plugin does not work again. I've tried to use `setPrority(HighPriority)` and giving the matches a higher relevance, but still does not work.

So, my questions are: What am I doing wrong? How can I solve that? And, more broadly, how can I debug such things?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Now I realised that I posted it in the wrong place. My post is related to plasma 5. Sorry for that. Is possible to move the post for the right place?

EDIT 2: The problem was a name conflict in my .desktop file. I haven't changed the name of the original plugin, and then the conflict. Now its working.

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