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Redefined Ctrl + Esc setting is forgotten after logout

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I installed KDE Neon User edition, and now it has latest updates.
In "Global Shortcuts" I go to the "Plasma" section and I redefine "Activate Application Launcher Widget" (earlier I think it had a typo and was "Active Activation Launcher Widget") shortcut to Ctrl + Esc (instead of Alt + F1), or in addition to Alt + F1 (does not matter, neither is remembered after logout).
A warning dialog appears: The 'Ctrl+Esc' combination is also used for the standard action "Close" that some applications use.
Do you really want to use it as a global shortcut as well?
Reassign | Cancel
I could not care less about these elusive ??? applications so I select "Reassign". All is well ... Ctrl + Esc is working... well only until I Log out (I seldom do that), or after reboot (I do it sometimes e.g. after kernel updates, etc., otherwise I suspend my laptop).
I consider this a bug. Is it possible to make it work somehow, or what is the proper channel of reporting it as a bug?
Is there a workaround for this? E.g. running a script which would redefine Ctrl + Esc after each Login?

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