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QIF import V4.8.02

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QIF import V4.8.02

Sat Oct 28, 2017 6:42 am
OS = Kubuntu 17.04
KMyMoney Vs 4.8.02
All was working in 4.7.2

When I try to import my credit card QIF file "Account Type checking" is auto selected
When I want to select which account I want the qif or cvs file imported into, My list only shows certain Asset Accounts.
So I can't import to credit card accounts or loan accounts

It appears that the listed accounts shown depend on the "auto selected type checking"
When I Import a QFX file it is identified and lists some Liability Accounts but not loans or assets
I did make the credit card a preferred account

The files will import as usual "IF" I import to a listed ASSET account.

So my work around for now is IMPORT to an empty ASSET account and then move them to my credit card account.

This shows the qif files are fine, but I can only import to certain Asset accounts.

**Also if I download this file as a QFX and import as OFX - ALL IS GOOD. The file type and account is recognized. But the list of optional accounts is still very limited.

Account Import list shown in drop down list

You have downloaded a statement for the following account:
-Account Name:
- Account Type: Checking
- Account Number:
No account information has been found in the selected statement ‘file. Please select an account using
box in the dialog or create a new account by pressing the Create Button.
Import transactions

Checking Account

Asset accounts


Current Assets
Checking Account
Money Market
Savings Account
Mortgage Interest


Brokerage Account
Jefferson National Annuity
MJ 401K Denso
Mutual Fund


Imbalance -USD

Orphan – USD

The file being imported is a qif credit card statement. The list above does not include any Liability Types.
The list is only showing a small number of the existing Asset Accounts also.
Thank You ;)

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