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Transaction Matching to Accounts via QIF Importing???

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Subject sort of says it all, Transaction matching on imported data...

Quickie history: I used Managing Your Money (yes, DOS, w/CheckFree) to do things and do EFT's when they first started.. over the years MYM was disco'd and I was forced to a certain other Q program .... and doing the OFX stuff... which was great.. but I cold turkey went to Linux 20 years ago.. and well this is one area I never resolved... mainly as what I was doing was easily resolved by some one time setups.. ie: auto pays... the rest was not that big a deal....So FF to 2020 and things are a little more complicated in the way I do things...401k's, IRA's, moving things out of accounts to savings etc.... So I need to get this back inline with what I was doing... while my bank still supports OFX/Online banking via that other stuff and my account should still be set up for it.. I just don't have the patience to setup that AQ Plugin and then have to deal with the bank to get back on etc.. I need to move on in life.. I've already setup all the auto pays in life and they are not changing... so I will do the QIF imports via web, which while I despise the manual process (See above I am not up to dealing with the setup of this) at some future date when I have patience and time to deal with an excruciating call to my mega bank to find some one who can look at the data right.. but thats not today..and I got things I need to track better now.... soo......

To the chase... via MYM and Q thing.. I could "teach" them to match up Transaction XXXXXX in the downloaded data to be say a Payment to the credit card.... etc... Why do this????

Glad you asked! Certain things I use do NOT provide any DL's of data period.... I am not happy... but I am not changing these to something that does.. for a long list of reasons not relevant here... this is established things that have been setup for years if not a decade or two. :) :)

So can I "teach" KMM this stuff like I did with MYM???? So that the transaction data I get from the QIF of the bank will process into the stuff that doesn't allow for DL.. ie: Payment to CC, transfers to accounts (not savings or checking, the bank will provide that data) some of these are sort of like CC accounts, but they are not really a CC... but they don't allow CSV, QIF or anything... If I can get the transfers and payments for these CC and like a CC accounts then I only have to enter the actual transactions for them manually, which while annoying is minimal at best.

I've looked through the online manual.. but unfortunately for me.. it doesn't really outline what I am trying to "teach" KMM to do.. or I am likely not looking for the right terminology for what I've done to what KMM is doing...

Any pointers, hints, comments???


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