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[KMail] Improved workflow efficiency w/ configurable actions


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Good day everyone.

I work on a computer all day at work, and I make extensive use of MS Outlook. (Mail, Agenda, Room booking, ...)
I am used to setting up applications the way that best suits my needs. My first goal being to get as efficient as possible. I don't have time to waste on thinking how things should be done and work. In short, things should just be one click away without requiring any further thinking. I should not think how the application works, I should only think about my job/task.

I don't have the chance to use the Kontact suite at work, but I do use it at home. Once home, I want even less time sorting messages, and more time with my family.
Today in KMail, there is one thing that could help me be more efficient. There could be "configurable actions".

In MS Outlook, these "configurable actions" are called "Quick actions" (well I use it in French, "Actions rapides"). They consist in a series of actions that will be applied to one or more selected emails with one click. You can manage these "quick actions" in a dialog window, name them, and they're automatically found in the tool-bar after being defined. To rephrase it: one quick action can be made of one or several of the "(normal) actions" listed below.

Here is the list of actions that are possible to define in MS Outlook :
  • Move to predefined folder
  • Copy to predefined folder
  • Delete message (move to the trash)
  • Delete message (for real)
  • Mark as read
  • Mark as unread
  • Set message importance to predefined value (high, normal, low)
  • Tag the message
  • Remove message tags
  • Put an indicator on the message (for follow-up actions in 1, 2, 5, or more days)
  • Remove indicators on the message
  • Mark the message as "done" (the last follow-up actions status, once you have done what you had too)
  • Create task with the message as an attachment
  • Create task with the message as the text of the task
  • Create new message
  • Transfer message
  • Reply
  • Reply to all
  • Reply and set up a meeting
  • Create new message with current message as an attachment (Forward as attachment)
  • Create new meeting
  • Create new meeting with current message as an attachment
  • Create new meeting with current message text

To sum it up, it should be possible for the user to define in some way new buttons in the toolbars, with specified names and lists of actions.
An example of how I see it:
- the user open KMail;
- the user selects the menu "Tools > Manage Quick Actions";
- the "manage quick actions" window appears;
- the user creates, modifies, renames, or deletes "quick actions";
- the user could use drag'n'drop to move a quick action to one of the displayed toolbars, which would add a button to that toolbar. The button should be named after the quick action.
- the user closes the "manage quick actions" window and reads an email;
- the user clicks one of his quick actions buttons to apply those actions at once to the message;

Also, there could be a new toolbar named "quick actions" which would be automatically populated with the defined quick actions' buttons.

Now, with that in place, I could click on my quick action button named "plan team meeting" so that the mail I'm reading is sent to my predefined list of co-workers (just a mailing list) + archived (moved to my "archive" folder) + a create new meeting window opened with the message text copied in it.
Or I could click on my other quick action button named "priority" so that the mail is flagged for follow-up, marked as new and added to my task-list.

How does it sound like to you?
It certainly is a very cool feature that helps me tremendously at work.

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