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Bottom Krunner

Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:50 am
I use the menubar at top screen functionality, which hides the menubar in the window, but displays it on the top screen when you move the mouse there (System settings -> Apllication appearance -> Style - Menubar style: top screen menubar).

So sometimes when I'm clumsy I use krunner, but it lost focus, so I move my mouse at the top screen to krunner to activate its focus again. However if I'm clumsy here too, instead the menubar of the current application pops-up.... :-(

So I thought about moving Krunner to the bottom, but this is not available ATM, hence this post. :-)

Another reason is that on the top there is always quite some text (title, menubar, toolbar, URL, tabs, etc.), when overlayed with the transparent krunner results it is not so nice to read. Whereas on the bottom is in general less text/information, which would make the results nice to read on.

IMO it shouldn't be to hard to add this functionality to krunner, but it still requires tweaks, since it is not only about the location:
When on the bottom the results must pop from bottom upwards and the first result must be displayed at the bottom. Also TAB must move move from bottom to top through the results.

I know you can place krunner freely, but this is to chaotic for me. Also since it always expand to the bottom, you can't really move in the lower third of your screen.

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