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Krita Animation Frame Selector


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Krita Animation Frame Selector

Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:35 am
Hi there!

this is my first time on the forums so bear with me,
also please disregard if this is already being implemented or is otherwise not possible

I have been animating for a good four years now and just downloaded krita for testing. so far I love it, the fact that it was designed for art before animation makes it very comfortable for the entire animation process from character and environment design to actually animating the characters in their environment.

On thing I have found myself wanting for however is the ability to pre draw elements for use in my animations. I know I can import image sequences and environment art to use as well as copy previously used frames. however I feel this process isn't as streamlined as it could be. purely from an animators stand point it would be awesome to have some sort of elements library/frame picker so that we could easily find and use pre-made or previously used frames and art.
A good example of this is the Animate CC Frame Picker. I understand the programs are fundamentally different however this feature would very much streamline the way we animate within the program.

Possible implementation would be to use group layer on the timeline and for each frame, switch which layer/s are visible on that particular frame.

Another possibility is a library docker that displays imported images or layers that you have saved to it. you could then create an empty frame on whichever layer you wish and "paste" the frame/image you need from the library. functionality would be further improved if simple double click within the library imported the frame/image onto the canvas in a new frame on the selected layer.

practically speaking this would allow easier use and implementation of :
1. Character Templates.
2. Background Switching.
3. Phonemes.
4. Recurring objects/assets/characters over multiple projects.

On the subject of phonemes, although krita doesn't have soundtrack integration. Most forms of animation I have done (with the exception of 3D) don't require the vocals to be recorded prior to animation. much of the time I animate a scene with the script in front of me and the voice actor then records their vocals in time with the animation. if need be minor tweaks are made but nothing major. So the ability to quickly select phonemes based on the script would save a lot of time in the animation process and also keep the mouth animation consistent over the course of multiple projects.

Of course these are mainly quality of life changes and not essential for animation. however they would make the program that much smoother and make it a very powerful competitor in the animation game.
I understand of course that animation is not krita's purpose, however I cannot deny that it is by far my favourite creative tool, and as such I want it to be the best it can possibly be. I hope this or something similar may be added to krita to improve an already amazing tool for artists and animators alike.

Thank you,

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