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[Konsole][Profiles] Editing GUI


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[Konsole][Profiles] Editing GUI

Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:28 pm
Many years ago I have decided to start bonsole project. I didn't end it today, because I have no time (sorry). Earlier I have decided to create libgreattao, but It's also unfinished.

Bonsole, in assumption, should brings console apps to new level. It will be a web browser and allows console programs to use HTML code, CSS formatting and many others. Of course, console program should take care of checking it was ran by Bonsole and turn off some features if no. Bonsole also should support old Firefox extensions, but the project is still not realized.

Second project is libgreattao. Libgreattao was created to allows DE or system vendors or even user to define own UI for apps. Libgreattao works and I created a lot of applications that use it, but it was written in C, so there's memory problems.

I have idea to transform both of ideas to new - just allow user to create Konsole UI for each of profile. In which cases it could been useful? Aliases as buttons, adds colors to a text automatically, custom inputs field (with history), etc. The idea isn't very mature and I don't see many use cases, but aliases attached to profile could be useful.

I've also created tool called Service Builder ( Maybe it would be helpful. Service builder is tool to display wizard and to create wizard. After wizard completed, partnership is executed and it asks user to run Service Builder output. Partnership is like a Explain Shell.

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