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[new Application] Note-Taking and PDF-Markup App


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Hi there,

for all my needs there is a nice app solution in KDE or at least a suitable Linux Application available.
But for one thing i can't find a nice solution yet.
When I want to use my notebook or Linux tablet with a pen for note taking in a lecture I'm missing a app like Microsoft's OneNote or, even much better, "good notes" for the iOS system.

What are the key features of wishes to that type of app?
  • Build up a note out of given PDF files/slides
  • Insert drawings and notes into the pdf-pages
  • Insert "blank" pages easy between the PDF-Slides
  • OCR hand written text
  • Support sketching by drawing straight lines, boxes, circles etc. without using a special tool but recognizing the drawn elements
  • Easy and good structured document management
  • Good workflow to implement pictures (e.g. from the systems camera or shot by a mobile shared by KDEConnect) (Useful to "copy" a whiteboard to your notes)
  • Simple workflow to sketch and erase
  • Export of the final "notebook"

For sure there are more points or other key features I forgot so far. But I think this kind of application really is not jet there in the linux environment and could be a good thing to be added to the KDE Applications.

What do you think about such an app? Is there already something like that around I'm not aware of?
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I also feel the niche for multi-domain notetaking software in linux environments is only partly filled by the available software although there are many text-focused applications.

It seems your workflow is mostly based on working with study material in a "page-based" manner. This is indeed a major use case.

In my environment, onenote is mostly used on desktop machines, rarely on tablets and other mobile devices.

A typical workflow is drafting documents. Writing/Pasting ideas and statements and quickly layout bullets, and headers and so on.
In an unordered fashion, images and snippets are added. The drawing features allow to sketch graphs or illustrations.
I recon, this is all possible with word-alike software and other notetaking software, such as qownnotes, too.
But the "unlimited" content space and the freedom to place content is much more convenient. Having all the notebooks indexed makes it very easy to find related content.
Having everything in word-alike files is ok, but the system's search is very inconvenient to search within files.

I would add the following key features

[*] Freeform content, not limited by page boundaries
[*] On-the-fly layouting, such as tables, lists, headers, tags
[*] Fast search, filter by scope, tag based search
[*] OCR everything (search in pictures)
[*] Multiple state tags, such as task tag (checkable checkbox)
[*] Hyperlinks between notebooks
[*] Embedding Images, PDFs, ...
[*] Asynchronous Collaboration (and therefore asynch. synchronisation)

The following features would be nice to have, imo:
[*] enter formulas quickly
[*] Integration in project management/tasks
[*] source code blocks, with highlighting
[*] option for online storage, such as nextcloud /collabora

Awesome would be:
[*] containers which allow embedding and running scripts - python, shell, whatever - such as knitr or org-mode(emacs) to create output such as graphs
[*] API for custom plugins

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