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Krita: twist, pan, zoom touch-input simulator gizmo


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//LOL-- edit: lesson-- become more familiar with software before suggesting things... the already-existing pop-up palette is this... my only suggestion is to add a pan gizmo to that palette... one tool to rule them all.

Wonderful work on Krita! Amazing tool.

In addition to the canvas transforms already built in, a single UI gizmo that allowed you to pan, tilt and zoom without keyboard use...

Most popular pen display tablets end up fixed in a single position on a desktop; they have great pen input, but lack touch controls that allow for zooming the image and twisting the image on screen. This gizmo fixes that in Krita:

When you are sat at a pen tablet and you are forced to work on the image from a single angle, it becomes challenging when you are used to twisting, panning, and zooming with fingers on a mobile device. So the idea is to create a transform gizmo that simulates the panning, twisting and zooming of the entire image. To be clear, the twisting is to simulate a sheet of paper arranged at an angle when writing-- not rotating the pixels within the image.

The gizmo would have a center grab handle for panning and resetting rotation to 0, a large wheel for rotating...and maybe a wheel outside or inside of that wheel for zooming.

I think it would be useful, and i am not sure there is anything like this in other programs.

New to krita. Great program! Thanks.

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