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Krita: Collaborative working on same document in real time


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I want to suggest a fun & useful feature that would make a big difference for some of us if added to Krita.

I suggest that you add the ability for users to work together on the same document from different computers and see the changes happening in real time. If this feature gets added, please also include the option for both users to speak to each other without any disruptions to their workflow by connecting the microphones on their computers, if they choose. It'd be amazing to work in collaboration on the same art piece but it would be even better to communicate our ideas in real time and just have a good time making art together.

Collaborative working on the same document in real time can be beneficial in many ways. For example, it would be very useful for comic creators who decide to work together on the same comic. If each person works on a different panel, the pages would get done much quicker and the process would be less stressful. Another situation where this feature can be useful is when giving someone an art lesson. It would be great for teaching, especially since instructions would be both visual & verbal.

If users are given the option to speak to each other while working together, it's important that the microphone doesn't go on right away without permission. Both sides should be asked to confirm before each session whether or not they want to turn their microphone on to speak to the other person. It should still be possible for both sides to collaboratively work on the same canvas without turning their microphones on to talk. Also, if they choose to turn their microphone on but change their mind later and decide to turn it off, they should be able to do so effortlessly at any time during the working session.

One important thing to consider with this type of feature is that there should be as much respect for privacy as possible. I personally wouldn't want the other user to see the rest of my screen or any of my files, unless I choose to show them. All I would want them to see is the project that we are both working on. Also, I wouldn't want other users to know if I'm using Krita at a specific time or not. My online status should not be visible because I'm not always available to interact with others. There are times when I just want to work on my own personal projects without hurting anyone's feelings. Maybe a better option would be if the other user sends me an invitation and I might accept if I'm available. I don’t mind this as long as they wouldn't be able to know whether or not I saw their invitation. My explanation on privacy ended up being a bit long but I keep thinking how amazing this feature would be while also seeing the importance of avoiding pitfalls that might compromise the experience and get in the way of working independently, if one chooses to.

I can't say that I know much about how this type of feature would work because I'm not a programmer, but I keep fantasizing about how useful & fun it would be. For many people, including myself, this feature would be a game-changer. It would especially make a big difference during this pandemic, since everyone is stuck inside and people are being deprived of social interaction. I cannot think of a better activity to do than to collaborate with friends on creating artwork while simultaneously speaking to them about what we are making together. This would encourage me to create art much more often and I definitely would enjoy it more. Maybe I will even start a comic because I would be able to update it on time if I can share the workload with somebody else.

Also, I should add that this type of feature would work best if Krita is available on all kinds of platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android tablets, and iPads. This will allow everyone, no matter where they're using Krita, to collaborate together on the same projects.

I hope that my idea makes sense and it's not too difficult to implement. I’d be happy if you like this idea and if it someday becomes a part of Krita because it would be one of the most amazing features in my opinion.

Thank you for making Krita and for continuing to give us updates. I already love this program and I'm excited to see how much better it will become.

I hope my incredibly long message isn't too annoying to read. Thank you for your time! ;D

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