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[KMyMoney] Mobile UI, Syncing ledger on PC+mobile


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With the mass market release of the PinePhone now happening, most notably with the postmarketOS pre-orders in July that ship with phosh, but can be reimaged with Plasma Mobile (and the Librem5 in theory shipping sometime 2H 2020) there's a need to start either converting apps to be more adaptive via Kirigami or otherwise creating a mobile focused port from scratch. KMyMoney is currently not among those that has received this kind of attention, at least as of April 2020

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Why is KMyMoney valuable? It provides privacy respecting tech to help enable people to own their money via budgeting rather than money owning people. While KMyMoney is cool because it's FOSS, I can't add a purchase at say, the grocery store on my phone like I can w/ YNAB4 (PC) + YNAB Classic (Android). Or perhaps more importantly, view the current state on my budget when outside the house to figure out if it's ok to order an appetizer, etc.

Having a mobile friendly KMyMoney app that can keep a synchronized state via Dropbox, NextCloud, etc would solve these problems and ultimately I think elevate it a great deal above other FOSS budget solutions like GNUCash.

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