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Destructive kdenlive updates

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Destructive kdenlive updates

Fri Jun 17, 2022 7:49 pm
The last two updates of kdenlive have thrown me into confusion. First came the update 22.04.1 - part of the interface lost the translation to russian. For example, menu Project - Render (in russian Проект - Сборка) now is colled Проект - Render (Main menu Project in Russian, but "Render" now in English). It is not so bad, but suddenly.

This update has stopped remembering the rendering selection - "the whole project", "the selected site". I can work with one project for a long time and render sections, not whole project. Usually I save, exit kdenlive, open the project again, and always this choice was remembered. Now it is not saved.
And the "clear" button in the task queue tab (in Rendering window) stopped working. When you render often, there are a lot of them there. And I can clear it by one button. Now it is gray and inaccessible.

But now came the update 22.04.2 And now "Custom Quality" (in Rendering window) not saved. It's always been 80%. Now when I start kdenlive Custom Quality is 3%. I set it to 80%, but when I exit kdenlive and start it again, Custom Quality again 3%.

Is anybody knows - what happened? Maybe I need to reset something to fix it?
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Re: Destructive kdenlive updates

Sat Jun 18, 2022 1:30 pm
the rendering dialog will be fixed soon: ... bf5049d370
trying a daily bbuild maybe can solve this issue right now.
Linux: ... e-centos7/
Windows: ... y_mingw64/

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