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Can't use meta+shift+tab (and others) as a global shortcut

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Hey everyone,

Not sure if I'm posting in the right subforum, apologies if I am not. I'm having a strange problem with KDE, post subject says it all. I like to use meta+tab and meta+shift+tab to move through desktops, and currently have to resort to the silly method of xbindkeys + xte.

This happened both on my current laptop (Dell Studio XPS 16) and an older laptop (HP Pavilion DV9000t). The key combination doesn't work for any global shortcut I try to assign in KDE, it's really bizarre. I can set shortcuts using the exact same key combination using xbindkeys, so I know my system is capable of handling it. What's more, I can set this key combination as a shortcut for local keyboard shortcuts - ie setting a shortcut in kwrite.

I explored a little more, and can report that the above holds true for all of the following combinations on my system:
meta+shift+[any numerical key]
ctrl+shift+[any numerical key]

The following similar combinations can be used as global shortcuts:
meta+shift+[any letter key]
ctrl+shift+[any letter key]

The above examples show that the "meta shift" combination isn't always a problem, nor is the "meta tab" combination a problem on its own. I threw a few others in for good measure. I'm sure I missed some. I have no idea what to make of this.

Any thoughts would be welcome! I would file a bug report, but I'm not exactly sure where to do so. Cheers.

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